Terms And Conditions

  1. The highest bid received by the end of the auction will be the winning bid.
  2. Wolf Moon Ranch reserves the right to not sell a horse if the reserve price has not been met.
  3. Terms of the sale are either credit card, PayPal, or personal/business checks
    a. Full payment is due within 4 hours of when the auction has come to an end and before pickup.
    b. The primary method of making payments is through PayPal. Credit and debit card payments made through PayPal must have an extra 2.59% + $0.49 added to the final selling price of the horse. Payments made with either Venmo or PayPal must include and extra 3.49% + $0.49 to the final selling price. Payments through PayPal check out must be directed to wolfmoonranch@gmail.com. The winning bidder will receive an email to the address provided during registration with  a final invoice.
    c. Checks payable to Wolf Moon Ranch LLC are accepted; however ownership and possession of the horse will not be transferred to the buyer until the check has cleared and funds are received by Wolf Moon Ranch
  4. Wolf Moon Ranch guarantees that all horses will be in a healthy and sound condition on the date of sale.  Furthermore, Wolf Moon Ranch warrants that the horse is sound in the limb, breath, and eyes and does not weave.  Wolf Moon Ranch will publicize all known conditions, quality, soundness, and blemishes in the catalog entries for any horse with known issues.  Wolf Moon Ranch does not make any further soundness guarantees, or express or implied guaranty or warranty with any sale horses. Vet checks are welcome at perspective buyer’s expense.
  5. Upon the sale of each horse, horses are at the buyer’s expense, risk, and responsibility from the time purchased, but no delivery will be made until the full amount of the winning bid is received.
    a. Buyer’s responsibilities include any liability for injury, illness, etc. a horse may incur after the sale, even while the horse is still at Wolf Moon Ranch.
  6. All sales are final and are neither rescindable nor refundable unless otherwise expressly agreed upon by both parties.
  7. Delivery of horses to winning bidders will not be made until full payment in the amount of the winning bid has been made and received by Wolf Moon Ranch.  Pickup and transportation costs are at buyer’s expense. Pickup of purchased horses must be made within five (5) days of the completion of the sale unless Coggins tests, health certificates, and brand inspections are required to cross stateliness, etc. In the event that these types of shipping documents are required, Wolf Moon Ranch will hold the horse until these documents have been received. Boarding fees will be charged each buyer at a rate of $30/day for every day that the horse remains at Wolf Moon Ranch beyond the date that documents have been received (if required) or after five days from the time the sale has ended if documents are not required.  Buyer will be responsible for paying all registration transfer fees, brand inspection fees, Coggins testing, and health inspection fees. Wolf Moon Ranch will obtain all required documents at buyers expense.
  8. Wolf Moon Ranch horses are in a closed herd environment and are; therefore, unvaccinated.  Wolf Moon Ranch recommends that each horse be vaccinated per its new environment.
  9. Wolf Moon Ranch makes every effort to ensure the correctness/accuracy of information presented in the sale catalog; however, Wolf Moon Ranch LLC will not be held liable for any error or accidental omission.
  10. All buyers and prospective buyers must register and obtain a buyer’s number prior to bidding.
  11. If a bid is placed in the final 10 minutes of an auction, the auction for a given horse will automatically be extended by 4 minutes.
  12. Prospective buyers are encouraged to come to Wolf Moon Ranch to preview sale horses; however, Wolf Moon Ranch LLC will not be held liable for any injury/illness received while prospective buyers are on the property.
  13. In the event of litigation to enforce this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover his/her attorney’s fees.  These terms and conditions are to be construed as to form, substance, and procedure in accordance with the laws of the State of Idaho, and buyers hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction and venue of a court of competent jurisdiction in Franklin County, Idaho.